The cure for Finance burnout.

Introducing Vareto, the most collaborative planning and reporting tool for FP&A teams.

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Get your weekends back.

We'll take care of the stuff that slows you down, like spreadsheet consolidations. You focus on the stuff that revs you up, like identifying new revenue opportunities.


Built for scale.

Architecture is designed for complexity, performance, and your biggest ambitions.


Magically multiplayer.

Easy to collaborate. No more version issues or asking if it's your turn to edit the model.


Simply powerful.

Behind the friendly face is a set of flexible building blocks and formulas that can do it all.

Experience planning in high resolution.

Vareto pulls in record-level details for employees, vendors, opportunities, and more. From there, you can plan top-down or bottom-up. Zoom in, or zoom out.
An example FICA Expense calculation
Expense budgeting
Example of how a merit increase can be calculated in Vareto
Headcount planning
Example drivers in Vareto
Sales revenue forecasting
Example drivers in Vareto
Capacity planning
Example drivers in Vareto
Cash forecasting
Promotion example in Vareto
All of your key metrics in one place
Parental leave and collaboration
Compare actuals to any version
Forecasted start dates and terminations example
Group your data however you like
Forecasted start dates and terminations example
Drill down to transactions, opportunities, vendors, and more.

Reporting and views.

Get a clear view of your data, from any angle or altitude. Create beautiful, interactive reports in moments. Share different views with each stakeholder.

Multiplayer editing means no version issues.

Just like Gsheets, but designed for financial modeling.

An example of record level planning in Vareto

Collaborate side-by-side.

We figured out how to combine secret-service level controls with live comments and notifications. Discuss your plans in context and in real time.

A conversation between employees about headcount planning

Multiplayer editing

No more asking if it's your turn to go into the model.

Comments and @-mentions

Collaborate with others all in one place, and with all the context.

Email/Slack notifications

Never miss an update: know when it's your turn to take action.

All your data, all the time.

Pull in the latest actuals from your ERP, HRIS, CRM, and other systems.

Example data flowing into a Record Table in Vareto


Schedule automatic data pulls for transactions, employees, and more.

On-demand refresh

Need the latest numbers and don’t want to wait? Refresh your data.

Self manage

Easily connect and monitor the status of your integrations.

Customer Stories

Vareto usually pays for itself within the first few months. See how.

An image of clients working with Vareto

Implementation in as few as five weeks.

With a background in FP&A, our Customer Growth Managers are uniquely equipped to help you onboard quickly and get max value from Vareto.