Focusing on strategic problem solving with Vareto

Impact at a glance

Saving 20+ hours of manual work per finance team member each month

Automatically bringing in operational data from 3 different systems

1 month implementation time with Vareto Customer Growth

Project-based work is an essential part of the economy, but the backend logistics often require time-consuming and manual processes. Wrapbook aims to simplify production management and compliance by streamlining onboarding, timecards, payroll, and insurance with their all-in-one platform.

For such an impactful and fast-growing company, Wrapbook needed a finance platform that would allow its management team to make strategic decisions quickly. The FP&A team was spending dozens of hours every month downloading ad hoc NetSuite reports, tracking down budget inputs, and responding to business unit requests. They needed a modern, cloud-based finance platform to speed up and streamline these repetitive processes — and found Vareto.

Within four weeks, Finance was able to get up and running with Vareto’s in-house Customer Growth Managers. Vareto’s user interface felt modern and familiar to the team, and creating tables and visualizations was fast and intuitive — critical for operating at the speed of business.

It was a pain-free and efficient process to get up and running,” said Director of Finance and Analytics Andy Wang. “Now we can automatically get a full picture of where the business stands. It enables real-time discussions with company leadership. If the CEO has a question, we can go into Vareto and get the data and insights on the spot.”

“Because Vareto gives Finance so much time back, it allows us to focus more on strategic problem solving to drive actual business results rather than just reporting variances.”

Carson Yeung, Strategic Finance Lead

Vareto has made planning and reporting simpler for Wrapbook because the entire company operates with an accessible single source of truth. Vareto pulls in the latest operational data from NetSuite, Bamboo HR, and Looker to provide real-time clarity and visibility into business performance.

“Finance has a better view of the terrain. With the integrations, we know that everything is in the system,” said Carson. “Whenever there’s a decision that needs to be made, I’m confident I can get the data needed. Before Vareto, it would take days. Now, you just click and it’s there.”

Rather than unnecessary back and forth of email data requests, business units now have self-serve access to the data they need. Interactive department-level budget versus actuals (BvA) reporting pages give users the ability to drill down to a more detailed and granular view by clicking on metrics in the report. Business units are now equipped with the up-to-date information they need to keep performance in line with plans. Finance is able to set different permission access levels to ensure the right people have access to the right data, without worrying about sensitive information remaining confidential.

“Department leaders have access to granular data at their fingertips,” Carson said. “If something doesn’t look right, they can click into line items, see the detail, and act on it instantly. Instead of busywork, department leaders can now spend more time on what they do best.”

By implementing Vareto, Finance has strengthened its relationship with department leadership across the company.

Carson explains: “In many companies, Finance can seem very opaque. The relationship can be very transactional. Business departments talk to Finance whenever they want money and Finance will give them a report every month. With Vareto, Finance is able to be more embedded with our business, and it’s improved trust and transparency. Finance is no longer a roadblock but a driver for the business.”