Executive and Board Reporting

Give leadership a holistic overview of real-time business performance so they can make timely and well-informed decisions.

Highlight business metrics and insights in one up-to-date, single source of truth

With clean dashboard visualizations and an intuitive experience for finance and business users alike, Vareto serves up real-time metrics pulled straight from your ERP, HRIS, CRM, and more. Create custom metrics to bring your analysis game to the next level. With everyone looking at the same data and definitions, company leaders can better focus on the why and what next.

An image of a clean dashboard visualizations with real-time metrics pulled straight from your ERP, HRIS, CRM, and more.
An illustration of always up-to-date reports with the ability to drill down to the transaction level in a few clicks.

Make informed decisions faster with self-serve access for business stakeholders

Finance doesn’t need to be the bottleneck — give business users the ability to access financial and operational data on their own, with granular access permissions to control who sees what. No more time-sapping back-and-forth email to discuss what's driving a specific number. With access to real-time data, it's easy to identify leading indicators and take immediate action to ensure the right steps are taken.

Streamline collaboration with business partners

Vareto is built for seamless collaboration between finance and business stakeholders. Annotate charts and tables and ask questions in context directly in Vareto. With dynamic reports and the ability to drill down instantly to the transaction-level, Vareto empowers business reviews with live discussion and instant insight generation.

An illustration showing Vareto's collaboration features.


“With Vareto, we’ve rewired our entire executive team in a forward direction. We’re able to see leading indicators and red flags and then take immediate action. It’s changed how people think about FP&A.”

Ankur Verma


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“In this macroeconomic environment, it’s critical for companies to have visibility into cash burn and where we can optimize spend. Vareto helps me do that in real-time, so we have the agility to focus on what matters most.”

Sun Choi

SVP of Finance

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Keep things moving, seamlessly

Vareto integrates with your business-critical systems to keep reports, forecasts, and plans up to date.

See Vareto in action

Give your finance team the tools needed to launch your company into the future.