Budget Variance Analysis

Deliver the latest budget vs. actuals variance analysis automatically
and understand where the forecast needs to be adjusted.

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Save time by setting your budget versus actuals variance reporting on autopilot

Streamline the budget versus actuals variance analysis (BvA) process by pulling in data directly from your ERP and automatically rolling forward time periods at month end to compare the latest actuals to budget. With Vareto, your BvA tables are always up-to-date, so you can focus on driving strategic insights instead of manual work.


Control your budget better by instantly comparing results to any plan

Create top-down and department-level BvAs in Vareto to stay on top of budgets for monthly and quarterly financial reviews. It only takes a few steps to compare up-to-date actuals to any scenario plan — whether the board approved plan, adjusted plan, or the historical actuals — and understand where the forecast needs to be adjusted.


Provide business stakeholders with clarity into transaction-level details

Build trust and reduce back-and-forth by giving your business stakeholders self-serve access to spend and variance details, with the benefit of granular access permissions to control who sees what. Get the full context to each line item by instantly drilling down to the transaction level.


Streamline collaboration with stakeholders

Collaborate with business stakeholders directly in Vareto, from gathering inputs to flagging deviations. With the ability to add annotations and comments with @mentions, teams can seamlessly work together to update forecasts in real time.

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“Department leaders have access to granular data at their fingertips. If something doesn’t look right, they can click into line items, see the detail, and act on it instantly. Instead of busywork, department leaders can now spend more time on what they do best.”

Carson Yeung

Strategic Finance Lead

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“Business partners can access information on their own, click into it, and understand where they are month over month without relying on manual inputs from Finance. It lets business owners feel in control of their budgets and always know where they are as they progress into the month.” 

Reid Fernambucq

Senior Finance Manager

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