Operational Planning

Make the annual and strategic planning process painless with connected, collaborative planning.

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Get a better sense of future costs with vendor spend aggregation

Vareto automatically updates actuals and dynamically brings in new general ledger accounts and vendors from your ERP. Automatically consolidate transactions by vendor to monitor operating expenses and variances each month. Up-to-date visibility into historical spend by vendors gives finance and business users the right baselines to prepare the budget.

Shows the ability to leave tagged comments and collaborate in Vareto

Remove friction from information gathering with workflows

Create budget templates to accelerate and scale information gathering with business stakeholders. Drive real-time accountability with reminder notifications, comment tags, and stakeholder input status dashboards.


Streamline collaboration with business partners

Vareto is built for seamless collaboration between finance and business stakeholders. Annotate and ask questions in context directly in Vareto. Bring business reviews to life with dynamic reports. With the ability to drill down instantly to the transaction-level, Vareto enables live discussion and insight generation on the spot.


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“When I build a model in Excel, I understand it, but if I don’t take time to explain it to my team, they won’t understand how it’s built. But now, Vareto breaks down information silos because the models and data live in Vareto in one place.”

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Guy Zeltser

VP of Finance

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“With our dashboard, we have a better understanding of our business. We can get the data on the spot. We can see high-level, month over month, what is the company growth, what is the transaction revenue going on, and if there’s any seasonality. Vareto helps me put together the story for executive leadership.”

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Luke Yuan

Director of Finance

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