Vareto for Nonprofits

Leverage Vareto's FP&A platform to make informed decisions to optimize efficiency and drive outsized impact.

Streamline expense management and fund compliance

Grants and donations often come with spending restrictions, but it can be difficult to track spend and manage budgets efficiently. With Vareto, you can streamline expense management by pulling in data directly from your ERP and automate monthly budget versus variance analysis reports.

Get real-time insight into the utilization of restricted and unrestricted funds, ensuring donations and grants are being used in compliance, every dollar is spent responsibly, and teams are always within budgets.

Improve accuracy and transparency

Foster cross-functional trust and alignment with a single source of truth in Vareto for nonprofit operations and performance. Empower program managers with access to relevant reports and dashboards for fast decision-making, with the ability to instantly drill down to the transaction level to get context.

Easily provide partners, donors, and grant institutions insight into commitments, revenue, sponsorships, expenses, and more. Use dynamic reports and custom visualizations to powerfully showcase impact and responsibility in real-time.

Plan and manage budgets better with collaborative features

Empower program managers to own their own budgets with budget templates and real-time collaboration. Reduce back-and-forth by providing program managers and other stakeholders self-serve access to relevant metrics and reports on demand. Enable real-time accountability with tagged comments and reminders, and enhance program reviews with the latest data and instant insights.

With less manual back-and-forth, finance teams and program managers can free up time to focus on more strategic work, amplifying the impact of the nonprofit's mission.


“Last year, I reserved 2-3 weeks alone for the roll-up process using Excel. With Vareto, I spend less than a week consolidating the budget, and that’s mostly double-checking numbers.”

Kaleo Curtis

Chief Financial Officer

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“We can automatically generate insights to our business partners in a timely manner. It’s improved how we provide immediate value to and collaborate with our business partners.”

Guy Zeltser

VP of Finance

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Keep things moving, seamlessly

Vareto integrates with your business-critical systems to keep reports, forecasts, and plans up to date.