Data Sub-Processors

Last updated: February 13, 2023

Vareto’s sub-processors are third-party entities authorized to process data in support of Vareto’s services in accordance with our service agreements. Vareto requires that each sub-processor satisfy contractual obligations related to the enforcement of security and compliance controls related to applicable data protection regulations.

Infrastructure Sub-Processors

Vareto may use the following services to host customer data or provide essential infrastructure that supports the delivery of our services.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Hosting and Infrastructure

United States

Google Cloud Platform

Infrastructure Services

United States

Other Sub-Processors

Vareto may use the following sub-processors to perform additional service functions.

Google, Inc.

Email and productivity software

United States, Inc.

Product Analytics

United States

Merge API, Inc.

HRIS, CRM, & Accounting Integration Connector

United States

Rollbar, Inc.

Browser error tracking and reporting

United States

Slack Technologies

Team chat & collaboration

United States

Split Software, Inc.

Feature flagging and A/B testing

United States


Observability Services

United States