Ada enhances efficiency with Vareto

Impact at a glance

Five weeks time-to-value

Faster review cycles and month-end processes

Better collaboration with cross-functional teams

Key Results:

  • Efficiency: Ada has seen remarkable improvements in efficiency with Vareto. Their review process now runs parallel to the accounting team's book closure, enabling faster review cycles. They can cover more ground in less time during month-end, even looking into areas they previously had to compromise on due to time constraints.
  • Ease of Use: Ada found Vareto to be highly intuitive and user-friendly, requiring minimal assistance for implementation or ongoing use.
  • Flexibility: Vareto's adaptability complements Ada's processes, providing positive benefits without requiring them to overhaul their existing systems.
  • Time Savings: Vareto consistently saves time every week, and the cumulative benefits have been substantial.
  • Scalability: Vareto has proven to be a scalable solution for Ada, accommodating their growth without the need for additional manpower or constant system management.

Ada is an AI platform that helps brands automatically resolve customer service conversations at scale through automation. As the organization experienced significant growth, its month-end process and reporting needs increased in complexity and volume. Ada's FP&A team initially relied heavily on spreadsheets, exporting and manipulating data, but this manual, time-consuming process hampered their ability to move quickly and stay nimble. The team faced a critical crossroads: hire additional staff or find a more sustainable tool.

Discovering the solution

Seeking a more efficient and scalable FP&A solution, Ada's finance team turned to Vareto. With legacy players, you often have a long implementation time and additional maintenance and implementation costs. Those platforms aren’t typically something that a small team can easily self-serve. Vareto complemented Ada’s current processes while still providing significant benefits in terms of ease of use and time saved. With the help of Vareto’s Customer Success team, Ada was able to implement the platform in under five weeks.

A lot of these tools that you hear about work great if you have someone who can spend a lot of time overseeing the system and really manage it, which is not ideal. We were confident we could use Vareto with a lean team. Even if I was a one-person team, I could make it work.Joon Suh, Director of Strategic Finance, Ada

Transformation in action

Vareto’s intuitive platform allows Ada to streamline its month-end review process and dive deeper into their financial data. Vareto's integration with NetSuite enables the finance team to access the up-to-date data they need quickly and easily, eliminating the need for manual data exports.

With Vareto, the finance team can now review financial data in parallel with the accounting team's book closure process. They can quickly finalize their reviews as soon as the books close, significantly reducing the time required for month-end operations.

The ease of use and efficiency provided by Vareto enables Ada's finance team to focus on areas previously overlooked due to time constraints. With the extra time saved, they can now conduct more in-depth analyses and gain better insights into the company's financial performance.

"We found that with Vareto, we were able to analyze results much quicker which helped us go deeper than we normally could due to our forecasting timelines. " — Joon Suh, Director of Strategic Finance, Ada

The transformation didn't stop with the finance team. Ada's marketing team now uses Vareto to review their actual results with budgeted or forecasted figures. The hope is that as the marketing team becomes more familiar with the platform, they can self-serve on basic questions, reserving meetings with the finance team for more in-depth, value-add discussions. From there, Ada’s finance team plans to roll out dashboards to functions across the organization.

Sustained value

Since implementing Vareto, Ada has experienced a variety of benefits. From greater efficiency to deeper insights, the impact has been felt across the organization.

"The tool is very easy to use. I rarely have to reach out to ask questions," a finance team member noted. 

One of the most significant outcomes has been the time savings. 

“Vareto adds value every step of the way. Everything is just a little faster; every week, you save a little bit more time, and it adds up.” — Joon Suh, Director of Strategic Finance, Ada