The Vareto Visionaries: A community for strategic finance leaders

Today marks the official launch of the Vareto Visionaries, a curated community for strategic finance leaders of today and tomorrow. Community — having a safe and welcoming place to belong —  is more important than ever as we face changes in the market and fine-tune our business and personal goals for the year. 

There are dozens of finance communities out there, so how does the Vareto Visionaries community stand apart? First of all, our community welcomes aspiring strategic finance and accounting leaders at the director and senior manager level to connect with more seasoned CFOs, VPs of Finance, and Controllers. ​​Experienced leaders hold valuable knowledge that should be shared with the next generation of leaders. Founding members include former Oracle CFO Jeff Epstein, Arm CFO Jason Child, former Salesforce CFO Mark Hawkins, and Stefanie Layne, VP of Treasury and Payroll at Klaviyo.

We strive to have an inclusive culture and recognize there is value in bringing people together with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Professionals across industries — from global financial institutions like Citi, to tech companies like Oracle, and industrial manufacturers like Mirion Technologies — are encouraged to share their diversity of knowledge and technical expertise.

“People are at the center of Vareto,” said Kat, CEO of Vareto. “We want to bring finance leaders together to have real, meaningful interactions in an authentic community. The finance function is becoming more and more strategic. Our community members are sharing those tried and true best practices with each other and changing how finance and business operate better together.”

Benefits of membership include:

  • Monthly "Ask Me Anything" chats with experts who have been there, done that
  • Exclusive invites to curated and intimate Vareto Visionaries community events
  • Our network of strategic finance leaders of today and tomorrow
  • Access to best practices and content from finance thought leaders
  • A curated job board to find your next role or team member for your org
  • Vareto Visionaries community swag

With major tech companies making headlines nearly every day with reductions in workforces, having a professional network as a safety net is vital to navigating career changes and growth, and for hiring managers looking to expand their teams by finding their next hire from a trusted referral.

“Community is about bringing people together and riding this roller coaster we call 'a career,’” said Stefanie Layne, VP of Treasury, Tax, and Payroll at Klaviyo. “Sometimes you barrel down at hyperspeed with arms joyfully stretched into the air. Sometimes you need that hand to hold while you climb that slow and treacherous slope. Regardless of where you are on this ride, it's important to surround yourself with a community of supporters.”

As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. It’s the charter of the Vareto Visionaries to connect forward-thinking current and future leaders so they can make positive change in the work that they do. We encourage members to engage in activities that work best for them: whether it’s through the private forum, attending an in-person event, or joining a leadership circle online to workshop challenges.

“We have to constantly be learning and pushing and stretching and refactoring, and even if we're best, we're not done,” said Mark Hawkins. “I took that approach with my job as a CFO. I networked with other CFOs. I was constantly trying to be a learner as well as a sharer and a giver back to the CFO community. That’s so important.”

Want to join Stefanie and Mark as members of the Vareto Visionaries? Apply now.

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