VARETO Reporting

Get real-time visibility into operational performance

No more manually pulling in data from siloed systems into static Excel spreadsheets. Vareto streamlines the entire reporting workflow from data gathering, to drilldown and analysis, to annotation and presentation.

Set reporting on autopilot

Eliminate errors and save valuable time by automating executive and departmental reporting with Vareto. Provide transparency and reduce back-and-forth by giving your business stakeholders self-serve access to reports, with the benefit of granular access permissions to control who sees what.

A screenshot showing a dashboard of charts in Vareto's corporate finance reporting platform
A screenshot showing the transaction level drill down in Vareto, the strategic finance reporting platform

Get the story behind the numbers, instantly

Bring business reviews to life with Vareto’s dynamic, always up-to-date reports. With the ability to drill down to the transaction level in a few clicks, Vareto enables live discussion and insight generation on the spot.

Create and customize reports the way you want

Easily build any report you want in Vareto without SQL or code. It takes minutes to configure and update custom metrics and visualizations on your own, without the need for an outside consultant.

A screenshot showing metrics and chart visualization customization in Vareto, the FP&A reporting platform

Always connected

Vareto integrates with all of your business-critical systems to keep reports, forecasts, and in-progress plans up to date.

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