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VARETO Reporting

Reporting never felt so good

No more manually pulling in data from different systems into an Excel spreadsheet. Vareto streamlines the entire reporting workflow from data gathering, to drilldown and analysis, to annotation and presentation.

Save time and reduce errors

Automate all of your executive reporting, from monthly BVA to real-time performance monitoring.

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A screenshot showing the transaction level drill down in Vareto, the strategic finance reporting platform

See the story
behind the numbers

Drill down to the transaction level to understand variance analysis, then use annotations to summarize the results.

Make changes on the fly

GL account structure changed? Leadership team asked for a different graph? No problem. It’s easy to configure your metrics and visualizations.

A screenshot showing metrics and chart visualization customization in Vareto, the FP&A reporting platform

Always connected

Vareto integrates with all of your business-critical systems to keep reports, forecasts, and in-progress plans up to date.

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