Vareto Finance Glossary

Visitor to lead (VTL) conversion rate


Visitor to lead conversion rate is a SaaS metric that tells companies how many visitors converted into possible leads or prospective customers. A low VTL means that the company's website is unable to drive qualified traffic.


Visitor-to-lead conversion rate can be calculated as (number of visitors converted to leads / total visitors)*100For instance, if Vareto had total of 1,000 visitors on its website and it managed to convert 200 out of those into leads then its VTL would be calculated by (200 / 1000)*100 = 20%

Why it matters

VTL does not have any defined benchmark rate. This is mainly because it depends on a company’s end objectives and strategies. A company can measure its VTL rates as per its objectives and growth prospects. For start-ups, the VTLs may be generally low.