Vareto Finance Glossary

Qualified Marketing Traffic


If a company is attracting visitors, it is an indication that its SEO strategies are going in the right direction. However, it must also check whether it is driving relevant traffic, or simply put, whether it is getting qualified marketing traffic. Qualified marketing traffic includes users who make purchases after entering a company's website. In other words, these users are not only visiting the website but are either getting converted into customers or are potential customers who are interested in using the company's product or service.


SaaS companies should check whether their marketing traffic consists of people who are really interested in signing up for and further buying the product/service. This is whether qualified marketing traffic comes into the picture. The idea is to know what the company's ideal customer profile would be like and what are their product/service requirements.This metric can guide companies to create relevant web content that can drive targeted traffic and improve their chances of converting to customers.

Why it matters

Companies cannot sustain themselves without customers. Therefore, they must use the right marketing strategies to align their websites to the preferences of their target customers and stay ahead of the competition. By focusing on qualified marketing traffic, companies can improvise their websites and aim to achieve a noticeable rise in website traffic within reasonable timelines.