Vareto Finance Glossary

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)


An MQL or marketing-qualified lead is a customer lead that the marketing team of a company may find more likely to turn into a customer as compared to other leads. Some of the criteria that marketing teams may use to tag an MQL include, visit to web pages, downloading of content offers, CTAs clicked, and interaction on social posts.


A number of actions convert a prospect into an MQL. These actions are often combined with other data sets such as campaign analytics, demographic data, intent data, etc. Common examples of MQL actions are:a. Clicking a social media postb. Clicking a google adc. Interacting on social media postsd. Downloading product informatione. Downloading demo softwaref. Signing up for newsletterg. Attending a webinar

Why it matters

For every company's marketing department, having multiple leads is a great thing, but it is more important to convert these leads into customers. In case this does not happen, the company's return on investment (ROI) is impacted and thereby, the business. Marketing-qualified leads are leads that are vetted and qualified by the marketing department as ready to purchase. By targeting MQLs efficiently, the marketing and sales teams can ensure higher ROI for the business.