Vareto Finance Glossary

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)


Customer Satisfaction Score or CSAT score is a metric used to gauge customer satisfaction or how happy they are with a product/service. It can also be used to measure the satisfcation of customers after a customer support interaction.


It's simple to calculate a CSAT score. It’s the total of all positive responses received divided by the net responses received. This number is multiplied by 100 to reflect the CSAT score in percentage terms. Suppose Vareto received 25 total customer responses and 15 of them are positive = (15 / 25 = .60 x 100 = 60%). Thus, the CSAT score is 60%, or simply put, it means a majority of Vareto's customers are satisfied with its offerings but there is also some room for further improvement.

Why it matters

CSAT benefits businesses by measuring customer sentiment which can further be used to drive business-critical decisions. Companies that measure customer satisfaction using CSAT score can gain valuable insights that further impact the product/service success.