The 2023 Guide to Evaluating FP&A Software for Healthcare

Enable your team to become fast-acting, future-forward decision-makers

Modern healthcare organizations require finance teams to be collaborative, insightful, ultra-responsive, dynamic, and proactive. With these new expectations, solutions like Excel and Google Sheets, while powerful, fall short compared to the enhanced capabilities found within modern financial planning & analysis tools. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about next-generation FP&A software solutions and help you decide which tool is best for your organization.

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The right time for organizations to buy an FP&A tool

What you need to do to get your house in order before buying FP&A software

How to evaluate different FP&A software tools

How brands like Health Gorilla and MMD found success with modern FP&A software

Implementation best practices

A checklist to use during the evaluation process

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