Vareto Rotational Program

Make the leap from finance to business with Vareto

A photo of Nate Cleveland

Nate Cleveland, Senior Customer Success Manager

The Vareto Rotational Program is an 18-month program for those looking to transition from FP&A and other finance roles into another function. You’ll be a full-time employee of Vareto and have the opportunity to try three different roles and gain a wealth of hands-on experience.

Each rotation is designed to provide challenging and substantive assignments, as well as provide coaching with managers and mentors. You’ll gain exposure to key business areas at Vareto, collaborate and interact with leaders across the company, and develop a mix of technical and soft skills critical for building at a fast-growing startup.

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Customer Growth

You’ll start with a rotation on the Customer Growth team to gain an understanding of Vareto’s platform and how our customers use and find value in the product.

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Product Marketing

You’ll then take experience and perspective from the Customer Growth team to the Product Marketing team to help shape Vareto’s go-to-market strategy and influence the product roadmap.

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Product or Operations

After your time on Product Marketing team, you’ll complete the rotation in either Product Management, Revenue Operations, or Business Operations, based on skill set and company needs.

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Permanent role within Vareto

After completing the program, you’ll have the opportunity to move into a permanent role within one of the functions you’ve completed a rotation in.

Customer Growth

Watch now: From FP&A to customer growth management

Customer Growth Managers are at the forefront of Vareto’s growth, driving product adoption with our customers and ensuring they are seeing value from our platform. 

The role leverages a mix of data analysis, customer success, finance, and product experience. You will spend time time building repeatable onboarding processes and templates, driving a tight user feedback loop with the product, design, and engineering teams, and acting as a strategic advisor to help finance teams get the most out of Vareto. 

Your finance experience can directly enable our customers to connect the dots across different parts of their company, plan more effectively, and drive better business performance.

You will also have the unique advantage of being able to impact the growth of our company from multiple angles — by being connected to both customers and product development, you’ll be able to formulate a holistic vision for where our company is going and drive change to help ensure we’re headed in the right direction.

Product Marketing

As a Product Marketing Manager, you’ll gain a holistic view of the business. Product Marketing Managers are the connective tissue between Product, Sales, and Customer Success — they work collaboratively with those teams to drive cohesive go-to-market throughout the product lifecycle:

Before product launch: Conduct market and customer research and use that knowledge to help shape the product roadmap, including informing features, naming, and packaging.

During product launch: Own and manage the go-to-market, including defining key value propositions, shaping messaging and positioning, launch content creation and distribution, and Sales and Customer Success enablement.

After product launch: Take customer and market feedback post-launch and bring that feedback to Product for further iteration and improvement.

“Having practical finance experience really sets you up for being able to deliver turbocharged product and market insights here at Vareto. So much of product marketing is being able to see things from the customer perspective. Being able to understand pain points as well as know what success feels like creates a unique advantage for former finance professionals to powerfully connect the dots between product and go-to-market teams.”

Antonia Lee
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Vareto Rotational Program Details

Make the leap from finance to business with Vareto.

Apply now

We’re looking for someone who has

  • 4+ years in FP&A, Strategic Finance, Investment Banking, or other relevant finance-related roles
  • Expert at Excel and/or Google Sheets with strong financial modeling fundamentals and data manipulation experience. You have a knack for robust simplicity.
  • A results-oriented self-starter who is comfortable taking on significant responsibility, and can quickly learn and apply new skills.
  • Excellent writing, communication, leadership, and storytelling skills.
  • Ability to lead meetings with an executive audience, and set timelines and expectations.
  • Passion for exploring new opportunities and challenges

Program Details

Three assignments across select functions within Vareto

Functional Order:

  • 1st role as a Customer Growth Manager
  • 2nd role as a Product Marketing Manager
  • 3rd role - Chosen collectively, based on candidate skill set and resource needs between one of the following teams: Product Management, Sales, Revenue Operations, or Business Operations team.

Career options after the program

After completing the 18-mo program, graduates have several options to choose from:

  1. Move into a permanent role within one of the previous rotation functions
  2. Take advantage of Vareto’s EIR program to start a new company
  3. Pursue an external opportunity with your newly-gained skills.

Additional program benefits

  • Immediate impact in highly visible roles
  • A mix of technical and critical soft skill learning
  • Collaborate and interact with leaders at all levels and across orgs
  • Dedicated mentor/coach