Vareto vs. Mosaic: What's the best solution for you?

With Vareto's intuitive interface, finance teams can effortlessly create custom metrics and dynamic reports and realize time-to-value in weeks.

Create custom metrics and dynamic reports in minutes

Vareto enables the creation of tailored metrics with an intuitive interface for quick report customization and seamless integration with your existing ERP, CRM, and more. With a centralized hub for tracking business performance, your company has the essential insights to fuel growth.

Get launched in weeks, not months

Get a tool that's built to scale with your org

Personalize dynamic reports with custom metrics and visualizations

Create custom metrics to track the performance indicators crucial to your organization. With Vareto’s intuitive interface, creating, duplicating, and modifying reports takes minutes. Filter by any dimension to customize and scale out your reports. Experience seamless integration of Vareto's dynamic reports with your ERP, CRM, HRIS, and other business systems, ensuring automatic updates with the latest data. A centralized hub for tracking metrics empowers your organization with vital information for driving growth.

Mosaic offers out-of-the-box SaaS metrics, but a one-size-fits-all approach only works for the needs of some businesses. Companies need a versatile and adaptive platform to monitor metrics tailored to their distinct business models. The advantage of FP&A software lies in having a single, reliable source for company performance data — an aspect that Mosaic might not fully deliver.

An illustration showing that users can build any report with custom metrics and visualizations by themselves.
Custom dashboard in Vareto's FP&A platform

Flexible and scalable as your business grows

Vareto serves mid-market to enterprise customers and is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Vareto serves 50 departments and 100 finance and business users concurrently, ensuring everyone can access the latest information to drive decisions. Choosing Vareto means choosing a platform that grows with your business needs. 

Mosaic is primarily designed for small and medium-sized business. Pulling ERP data into reports is time-consuming, making it challenging for businesses to access information they need in time. Choosing Mosaic means choosing a tool that lacks the flexibility and scalability required for businesses to thrive.

Get value in weeks, not months

Realize time-to-value in as little as two weeks with Vareto’s intuitive platform — no third-party consultants needed. Vareto’s customer success team is composed of former finance professionals who understand the needs and challenges that FP&A teams face. Customers rave about Vareto’s customer success team, noting Vareto’s “hyper-focus on the customer and their needs." Vareto’s customer success team has a 10/10 rating for Quality of Support on G2. 

Implementation in Mosaic takes months, with heavy reliance on shared customer support resources to get started. With a lengthy onboarding process, gaining access to the data you need to drive business decisions can quickly become frustrating.

Showing commenting and tagging capabilities of Vareto's FP&A Platform

Collaborate better, together

Effective finance teams don’t work in a vacuum. Vareto’s collaboration features make it easy to work with business stakeholders and drive the prompt, informed decision-making that your organization requires. Annotate tables and charts with comments with @mentions to gather input or highlight key trends. Give department leaders self-serve access to the latest spend and variance details (down to the transaction level), with the benefit of granular access permissions to control who sees what. 

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“My finance team raves about Vareto. From fast onboarding to sleek design and native integrations, Vareto has built a product we genuinely enjoy using.”

Casey Woo, CFO @ Landing

“Now, everyone is looking at the same dashboard with the same definitions. It’s eliminated the debates and noise that consumed a lot of time. Vareto has built transparency and trust in the reporting.”

Ankur Verma, CFO @ Mindtickle

“Finance has a better view of the terrain. With the integrations, we know that everything is in the system. Whenever there’s a decision that needs to be made, I’m confident I can get the data needed. Before Vareto, it would take days. Now, you just click and it’s there.”

Carson Yeung, Strategic Finance Lead @ Wrapbook